The Doggie Lounge is a place where a dog can be a dog. We let your dog run, jump, play ball, and drool to her or his heart's content. This is a place for your best friend to let loose with friends. What hip doggie wouldn't rather be jammin' with their friends than playing it solo all day?Our daycare is a non-crating facility with free play for dogs all day. We are open 6:30 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm on Saturday. We have separate areas for big dogs, small dogs, puppies and senior dogs, so your dog is guaranteed a swingin' good time with the other lounge-goers.We have outdoor and indoor areas and a great staff to play with and supervise all the dogs. We also have web cams so you can watch your doggies play from your computer and see what a great time they are having while you are at work.We treat all dogs with love and respect like they are are own. We have ball play, running, and training activities to keep your dog healthy physically, as well as happy mentally. And all dog control is done with positive reinforcement. All of this ensures that your dog will leave our Doggie Lounge happy, polite, and, best of all, pooped from a long day of play!
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Doggie Lounge & Nightclub 2061 W. Hampden Ave Englewood CO 80110 303-781-4003
Big Dog Playroom
Small Dog Playroom